The Cowries Prospecting Company Ltd

About Us

The Cowries Prospecting Company Ltd is a Nigeria, Dubai and UK-based sales prospecting company with international business and ethical standards. Our mission is to maintain high global standards as we act for a better productive future.

Why Choose Us

Agriculture, Export and Properties

Prospecting is not an inherited art; it is one that you learn, train for, experience and relearn. The mightiest strength that Cowries has is its experience - over 20 years of it. Through this vast experience, prospecting is now ingrained in all our services. At Cowries, we strategize to identify and target the right partners and then establish focused, relentless and timely contact with the prospects through email or voicemail. Once we explain to our prospective customers why they need our products and services, we develop a strong professional bond with them.

In more than two decades of its existence, Cowries has cultivated the right skills and vision for sales and revenue, be they through general contracting or third-party product marketing. We have made ourselves proficient in a number of areas including:
* Rice Farming, bagging and Distribution
* Commodity Export and International Investment
* Real Estate Investment and Advisory Services